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Pantsula. Dance 4 Life!
Pantsula Book in collaboration with Chris Saunders
Graphik Design by Lorenzo Fanton

Between 2013 and 2016 Impilo Mapantsula has collaborated with South African photographer Chris Saunders to document a large number of pantsula crews in the different townships around Johannesburg. The book will include a series of individual and group portraits, pictures of the main pantsula movements and texts by Sicelo Xaba and Daniela Goeller.
The book will be published in January 2017 by Crowdbooks.

Chris Saunders / Crowdbooks / Lorenzo Fanton

Pantsula 4 Lyf: Dance and Fashion in Johannesburg
Pantsula Exhibition in collaboration with Chris Saunders
Fowler Museum, University of California Los Angeles
January 2017
curated by Erica Jones
in collaboration with Daniela Goeller and Chris Saunders

The exhibition will showcase the Pantsula series and a small body of historical images of the culture with a special focus on the fashion and the movements.

Chris Saunders / Fowler Museum

Impilo Mapantsula
(working title)
Pantsula on stage

Realisation: 2017

Auditions: August 2016
Rehearsal: September-October 2016
Showcase: November 2016

More information available soon.

Johannesburg Skyline

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